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IKI – SEA  Master in Business Innovation MBI

Strategic Network and Development has been hired by The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia – Thailand Office – (IKI-SEA) Bangkok University, for the coaching part of Master in Business Innovation (MBI).
This assignment consists of validating innovative projects with relevant companies or organisations willing to propose IKI-SEA with challenges for its Team Project, and to manage the MBI team project with the regular students.
The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA), is a Bangkok University Center of Excellence operating as a not for profit organization.
The IKI-SEA combines leading-edge academic research capability with in-depth business experience to provide practical and effective business solutions to the private and public sectors, both here in Thailand as well as throughout Southeast Asia.

Strategic Leadership. Bhutan Telecom Ltd

August 2018

Strategic Network and Development have been retained by Bangkok School of Management, to develop and facilitate this 5 days workshop for 5 managers of Bhutan Telecom Ltd, a 100% Bhutan Government owned company.

Based upon the State owned and governmental services visions and missions, this interactive programme aims at proposing future leaders an approach to identifying themselves and members of their staff as potential leaders, able to relay the organisation’s strategy down to the front line management level, while challenging the status quo when necessary and proposing changes upwards through positive and creative feed back.IMG_3702

A great opportunity for managers from different posting across the country to meet, learn and exchange practice while acquiring and improving leadership skills


Project Management for NPO & NGO / Save the Children Bhutan.

September 2017

Strategic Network and Development have been retained by Bangkok School of Management, to develop and facilitate this 5 days workshop for the Child Protection Coordinator of Save the Children Bhutan.

This programme aims at giving NGO/NPO project managers powerful tools and techniques to rely on for their every day innovative social projects.

Because projects are factors of change and innovation, project managers need to work and communicate with Senior Management of their organisation and critical stakeholders.

PM primarily need to structure their thoughts around MECE and pyramid techniques.

In the context of NPO/NGO, this allows the PM to align the project with their organisation’s value chain.

The PM may then identify the strategic factors of their project, connect them to a Logic Model allowing measurable deliverables with results followed by short, medium and long terms outcomes.

PM also become proficient at recruiting and maintaining an efficient project team, empowering its members to succeed in critically important social projects.

Save The Children

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc


Strategic Planning And Management Workshop, March 2017

Cooperative work with Bangkok School of Management (BSM)

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Chapman Taylor Thailand -International Architects, Master Planners, Designers

A global leader in the design of creative and successful places and spaces

Leadership Team Enhancement Programme, January – June 2016

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September 9, 2016,

New incentives, new model and new economy June 2016

Keynote speaker at the Third Innovation and Globalization Industry Development Forum Wuhan 22016 “new incentives, new model, new economy” International Symposium.
Abstract of Didier’s communication

Experiencing modern management techniques for organisations changes in a disrupted global economy. Keynote June 15, 2016


Dear Didier,

I am writing this letter to extend my special thanks to you for your great contribution to the 3rd Innovation and Global Industrial Development Forum & 2016 International Symposium on “New Incentives· New Model· New Economy” during  June 14 to June 16, 2016 in China. Your Keynote speech has given this event a very flourishing academic wisdom.

I hope this would be another memory of our good relations over these years!

Thank you very much again!

 Wei Long

Dean and professor of economics, School of Economics

Wuhan University of Technology 

Wuhan, China

Wuhan group 2