Strategic Management Vocational Training

The Programme

The key objectives of The Strategic Management Programme SMP consist of a Strategic approach to both team leading and Business Model enhancement.

It emphasises organisational changes through leadership, operational and project management techniques.

What is Strategic Management?

Strategic Management is about running the total business enterprise from the Strategic Concept to Operations with permanent focus on Team Enhancement and Stability . 

It seeks to approach 

  • The challenges and the environment in which the business operates
  • The direction (goals) the management intends to head
  • The strategic scenarii and plans to get the enterprise moving in the intended direction
  • The objectives translated into tactical, operational plans and innovative projects
  • The acquisition and management of resources and activities

Therefore implementing the chosen strategy successfully.

Programme’s Objectives 

The Strategic Management Programme (SMP) aims to equip participants with the core concepts, frameworks, and techniques, which will allow them to understand what managers must do to make an organization – be it a for-profit or a non-profit one, start-ups, NGO’s – achieve superior performance through both effectiveness and efficiency. 

The SMP Implementation

The Strategic Management Programme Implementation is based on a series of units of competency that are carried out through Instructor led or flipped classroom or blended Learning and on-the-job applications.