Leadership Team Enhancement Programmes.

Industry Specific Leadership Team Enhancement  Programmes

Far from traditional Leadership Team Development Programs, our programs are built for and delivered to international companies in ASEAN. These programmes aim at improving the relationship and communication within and outside of  the leadership group of small and medium sized organisations.

Your programme will make use of the state of the art techniques for team building, problem solving, behavioural sciences and strategy setting.

MTCC DAY 4 (batch 2)Panorama

Maldives Transport and Construction Company. Strategy Workshop, March 2017

The LTEP consists of several phases

1. “The External Eye” approach and input:

Through meetings with management and team leaders

  • Identification of elements that will bring value to all participants by sticking to their realities
  • Review of process and project management approach at Clients workplace.
  • Clarification of roles and accountabilities
  • Shedding light upon difficulties, hard points, potential conflicts (internal external), risk, etc.The Group Coaching phase

2. Short group-coaching sessions

Developing cooperative work through analysis and communication skills around and with the following themes

  • Change and project management skills
  • Commercial negotiation skills
  • Clients and stakeholders management
  • Team issues and conflict resolution
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Team reinforcement (empowerment, delegation, quarterly objectives, accountability chart…)
  • Roadmap setting
  • Problem analysis and solving

3. Post group-coaching sessions

One to one outcome oriented executive coaching, fostering collaborative efforts across functions


Staff Development and Enhancement Programme, Chapman Taylor Thailand, February, June 2016

4. Evaluation session

On the job assessment, performance improvement measurement

5. Monitoring the evolution of groups and individuals

On the job regular evaluation, audit and reinforcement activities

Monitoring evolution, enhancement and potential derailers

6. Reporting

Regular and systematic reporting to directors

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