Executive Coaching


Outcome based executive coaching

“Outcome Based Coaching adds up a strategic dimension to the traditional Solution Based Coaching. In coaching like in business, a solution is cold, an outcome is hot”.

D. Delaval 2015

Outcome based coaching goes farther than solution based coaching.


Coaching Process

A preliminary coaching session

During this preliminary session, coachee identifies his/her reasons for engaging the coaching programme


Executive Coaching in Wuhan – China

He/she understands the principles of coaching and will approach a definition of her/his coaching goals:

  • Understanding context
  • Establishing coach /coachee’s relationship
  • Determining coaching goals
  • Identifying pain points and potential coaching outcome
  • Committing to the coaching programme and schedule

Coaching Programme Terms

The programme takes into consideration the complexity and amount of the goals and outcome identified during the preliminary session.


Commitment on a firm schedule, and number of sessions are the conditions and the foundation of solid progress.

  • 1 to 1.5 hours sessions.
  • 6 to 10 face-to-face sessions programme is optimal to reach coachee’s outcome

Coaching sessions may take place in a mutually agreed comfortable and undisturbed location.

Sessions may also be conducted via Skype or any other stable videoconference system available in the coach and coachees’ countries.

The timing of each coaching session, is tracked and communicated after each session, in order to allow professional time management and progress monitoring.


A monitoring system is discussed and implemented from day one of the coaching programme:

It records and analyses coaching sessions elements and progress

  • Could do,
  • Would do
  • Wants to do
  • Trade offs

Measures and monitoring –  ladder system (rating scaling)

The ladder system is discussed at each session start and close.

Feed Back and Reporting

A confidential coaching report, discussed with the coachee, is prepared at the end of each coaching session.

It may be dispatched to the coachee’s management under request but only after approval from coachee.

  • Previous session review
  • Key Discussions points
  • Timeline
  • Potential derailers

Specific coaching needs

MTCC Day 3 (Batch 2)_Group coaching

MTCC Maldives, Strategy Programme. Group coaching, March 2017

Each and every coaching programme is different.

Each “coachee” has specific needs.

SND provides experienced coaches (male and females coaches) to answer particular coachees cultural, professional etc. needs.