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Inside the lighthouse

“To be our Clients’ Lighthouse”

“Organisational change seldom goes without resistance” 

Living a continuous improvement or an organisational change is always stressful.

A true leaders works for his organisation, with and for his team. He associates all team members to the successions plans and constantly support continuous improvement initiatives.

MTCC DAY 1_170314_0105

Strategic Planning and Management workshop, MTCC Maldives, March 2017

A smooth transition is better achieved by facilitating hands-on training within the organisation, associating Junior Executives, Line Management, Middle Management & Front-Line Management Levels, at the earliest stages and during the implementation of any substantial change initiative.

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Designing and Engineering Your Training Centre

Engineering and building a training centre is an exciting project.

It must respond to the real strategic and operational needs of the organisation.

Thanks to their experts’ experience in running, developing, enhancing technical and management vocational training facilities in several countries, SND offer their expertise in designing their clients dedicated training centres.


  • Facilities
  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Recruitment


  • Courses
  • Curricula, syllabus
  • Assessments
  • Reporting
  • Certification

SND will train your trainers to help them develop and implement structure and academic excellence to ensure your training centre corresponds to your needs and state of the art criterion .

SND propose an original Project Management based methodology to ensure their clients’ training centres bring awesome value to their overall culture, mission, vision and social responsibility.

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DHIL Bhutan

Druk Holding Investment Limited Bhutan, Corporate Governance Workshop. One to One coaching, April 2017

“Trainers with continuous hands-on operational experience qualify to deliver efficient management and technical training. Pure academics and theories should have no place in any industrial vocational Training.”

Qualified, graduated, business experienced project managers, experts and consultants will facilitate and deliver your training and coaching programmes

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