Translating Your Strategy Into Action



We work with our clients from concept to performance.

“Projects are the vehicles of change.” 

Thomas Jarocki, One Solution for Project Success: Project and Change Management in the PMBOK® Guide

Ternate airport

Live Risk Assessment : Sultan Babullah Ternate International Airport (Indonesia) Pic. D.Delaval 2011

  • Cascade Strategy into Tactics (and measure what happens)
  • Macro manage
  • Globally position your organisation
  • Optimise your structure
  • Harmonise your resources
  • Implement lean processes
  • Manage by project
  • Leverage risks and resources
  • Develop a Coaching Attitude across your organisation

Read more: Experiencing modern management techniques for organisations changes in a disrupted global economy. Keynote, Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei Province, China, June 15, 2016

Android picts 2366

NewCrest Mining Coaching session, FLM training with an Australian RTO, Indonesia. 2011


  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Project management (PMI)
  • Technical sourcing
  • Supply chain enhancement
  • Risk assessment/analysis
  • Vocational training
  • Executive coaching

Read : Our Cascading Methodology


  • Our seasoned consultants and experts are located all over the world,
  • Our training partners in Europe, ASEAN and Australia are recognised and certified,
  • Our certified free lance translators/interpreters support our expertise in major European and Asian languages:
    • French, English, Spanish,
    • Bahasa Indonesia, Thai,  Vietnamese, Khmer,
    • Mandarin, Cantonese.

For an evaluation of your vital organisation needs,

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