Our Business Model


Aligning our Clients Core Values & Vital Objectives, we deliver optimised solutions.

‪”An organisation running for its operations only, with no project, is a functional and dying organisation.”


  • ‪Why are you in your business?
  • Are you looking for results or for impact?
  • What Goals lead your Strategy?
  • What Objectives drive your Operations?
  • ‪Why are your customers choosing you? And why are they not?
  • ‪How should you build your comprehensive Business Model ?
  • Why and ‪What do you need to change? And not to change?
  • How project techniques shall help you drive your changes and innovations?
  • How & when do you measure process & achievements?
  • How shall you grow a strong team through clarity, delegation and feed back?

Model Strategic Network Development Ltd, 2019


  • What is a network for?
  • What is your network like?
  • What are your internal & external network needs?
  • How can you optimise your global network?
  • How can you leverage others’ network to enhance yours?

“The competitive advantage is in thinking expansively, connecting with the right people and spotting fresh opportunities.” (From Key Person of Influence, Daniel Priestley, Rethink Press, 2014)


Execute and monitor strategy and operations:

Risk Management Response Approach

The Strategic Network and Development Ltd  4 Phases Risk Management Approach

  • Align your strategy to your goals rather than to your tactics
  • Analyse your Value Chain
  • ‪Optimise your resources
  • ‪Make your localisation an asset
  • ‪Enhance your competitive advantage
  • Implement soft & consensual changes
  • Master Project Management Techniques (PCM, Agile & PMBOK)
  • Develop a Workplace Sustainable Risk Attitude

Change your Business Model with advanced and state of the art disruptive business practices

  • Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim & Maulborgne), “Make your competition irrelevant”
  • Jobs To Be Done (Prof Clayton Christensen) “What if people don’t really understand why they want what they want.”(Wunker, S., Wattman, J. and Farber, D. (2017). Jobs to be done. New York City, Amazon 2016: Library of Congress)
  • OKR “Ideas are easy Execution is everything”(Doerr, J. (2018). Measure what matters. New York City: Library of Congress.)

Translate your Strategy Into Action 

For an evaluation of your vital organisation needs,

‪Contact us at:   strategicnetworkdev@gmail.com

Contact us at: strategicnetworkdev@gmail.com

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