Negotiations, Technical & Legal Support


Negotiate Win Win Agreements

“In a good & sustainable contract all parties are happy.”

Most of our senior consultants and experts have more than 25 years of negotiation,


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contract management and conflict resolutions experience in multiple industrial and service sectors, worldwide.

Structure your Contracts

With experience negotiators, and lawyers (corporate and attorneys) we rationally analyse your actual needs to help your team structure, optimise and present your commercial offers and contracts with a high level of business security.

Manage your Contracts

On the basis of their experience, the Project Management Institute (PMI) principles and PMBOK, our Project Managers will support your team, enhance the conditions of its project, reinforce its management approach,  to optimise delivery within Schedule, Quality and Cost.

  • Contract and Project Management Project Cycle Management and PM BOK
  • Contract and finance
  • Contract and supply chain
  • Business agreement, sales, technology transfer, confidentiality, exclusivity, franchise, distribution…

    Logic Model SND

    Project Management: The Logic Model Approach

Enhance your Value Chain

Thanks to our versatile network we offer our clients technical elements sourcing together with partnership, procurement and supply chain management.

Negotiation/ Conflict resolution

SND seasoned contract negotiators will guide and advise you in your commercial negotiations and conflict resolution sessions.

  • Multiple Intelligences application
  • Risk analysis
  • Negotiation strategies : Conflict mapping
  • Litigation – arbitration.

Supported by our international attorneys in Europe, Asia and the USA, our Clients will benefit from state of the art legal advices and, if necessary, will be able to engage legal actions with local Courts and jurisdictions.

Legal support

Our legal partners in several countries may assist our Clients in

  • Setting up their local operation,
  • Dealing with the necessary licences and permits,
  • Legally secure their operations and investment.


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