About Us

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Approach

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Our Vision: To stand as our Clients’ Lighthouse

Inside the lighthouse

Our Mission: 3 Wings logo sans tr

  • Management Consulting: Looking at our client’s existing strategies, processes and products with a fresh view, shedding a new light on their business framework and their needs for changes.
  • Training: In support to our clients’ innovation initiative, we team up to develop their human resources capital through ad hoc programmes growing staff Higher Skills together with Higher Will.
  • Executive Coaching: Helping our Clients’ Executives enhance their own Strategic Leadership.

Our Global Network of Consultants

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With our international network we optimise our clients’ value chain, sales & operations to respond to the pace of market changes and technological disruptions.

  • Through a wide range of competencies
  • With a multi industries experience,
  • And a global exposure

Uniqueness of Our Services


Siem Reap Cambodia, Children Hospital Waste Management Project, Commissioning, 2016

  • Multi-industries expertise
  • Across Value Chain experience
  • Programme & Project Management expertise
  • Vocational Training & Coaching programmes
  • Lecture and mentoring with Asian Universities, MBA and MBI
  • International Executive Recruitment

Our working languages

  • French, English
  • Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer, Mandarin, Cantonese

We support Rivers Global



Contact us at strategicnetworkdev@gmail.com